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23rd-Feb-2009 02:34 am - fuck soundwave
becoming RASTAFIED!
despite being one of the best NIN gigs ever, the festival was a piss poor way to spend hard earned money.

fuck TWO HOUR lines
fuck the asshole security that seemed hell bent on starting a riot, especially that little weasle with the bad toupe and old man glasses sniggering the whole time.
fuck the police for mishandling the entire thing
fuck the fenced off areas and bottlenecks that the "organisers" saw fit to create
fuck 90% of the bands for being emo whiny shithouse wannabee cockheads
fuck the joke they called public transport
fuck soundwave, period.

never. again. no. fucking. matter. how. much. you. fucking. pay. me.

thankfully, trent, alice in chains and dillinger saved the fucking day.
be warned, melbourne adelaide and perth: i hope you like queues and men in yellow shirts that are overcompensating for something...
18th-Feb-2009 12:04 am(no subject)
birthday party, nick cave, junkyard
Anyone else find a nice sort of symmetry in the NIN live band starting off as a four piece, and now finishing as a four piece before its 20th year 'break' (whatever that may be)?
11th-Feb-2009 09:38 am - NIN live dvds
I have a couple of live NIN DVDs that I would like to mail to people so they can help me seed some torrents.

- A good connection to the internet is a must. Doesn't need to be fast, just reliable.
- Knowledge of torrents is helpful, but enthusiasm and eagerness to learn will suffice - I will provide step by step instructions. If comcast is your ISP and you have never used torrents, your torrent uploads are probably blocked.
- Access to your router is a must - no university/stolen networks (unless you already know you can seed torrents without a problem.)
- Enough space on your harddrive for a 8gb DVD is a must.
- You must be on Earth, I don't care what country. (I'm annoyed at people who say "USA trades only". I don't care if postage is extra, all fans are welcome!)
- Promptness is a must, don't volunteer if you're busy and won't have time to transfer the DVD or set up the torrent. I've been burned by lazy people in the past, please don't waste my time.

That said, it may be a few weeks until I send them or create the torrent. You're free to trade the DVDs with others when you get them.
You can do whatever you want with them when you get them, you just have to join the torrent when I ask you and stay seeding until you've uploaded at least 100%

Thanks for your help!

And since I don't want to leave anyone out:
- If you'd like a copy of these DVDs, but can't help or download a torrent, but would instead like to send a DVD or two to someone else who also can't help - leave a message and we'll organise something.
- If you're volunteering to help seed and would also like to send a DVD on to someone, let me know.
- Please include which country, just to help keep the postage costs down for everyone.

No, I'm not telling you which concerts they are :P
(One is from North America in 2008, one is from Eurasia in 2007)

edit: now screening all comments, so you can leave your mailing address
20th-Jan-2009 04:51 pm - Discipline anti-mp3 sounds
I was messing around with some files, trying to better understand the audible differences between lossless FLAC and lossy MP3, and I realised that I could make a file of exactly what MP3 compression cuts out of the mix.

(original FLAC) - (320k MP3) = http://www.sendspace.com/file/rxnopl
Theoretically, this is the sound of what you are missing when you listen to Discipline in MP3 format instead of on the CD (I used the FLAC download, not a FLAC rip of the CD)
Also theoretically, combining this file with a 320k mp3 of Discipline will result in the original lossless track.

Yeah, I know, pretty useless, but someone here might be interested.
Enjoy or whatever!
15th-Dec-2008 02:31 am - Something no one should miss!
T-Dawg and his Avies

Trent interviews Trent! :P


Its totally AMAZING!

P.S. I love how his face brightens when Trent V talks about himself being an ex-saxophone player in a marching band :P

Karin Hair

AP posted an article about how certain songs are being used to torture detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Songs like "March of the Pigs" along with the theme tunes to Sesame Street and Barney, Queen, and Drowning Pool. Most of the bands/songwriters are pretty pissed off. (Duh.)

9th-Dec-2008 10:16 am(no subject)
I went to my first NIN show on the 7th at Portland. The visuals were beautiful - probably much better than the ones used during And All That Could Have Been. The rest of it is in my lj - i doubt any of you will be interested in my experience. As gay as it sounds, I shed a tear during Piggy. It's one of my favorite songs ever, along with Ghosts 28.  The songs in blue are the ones I enjoyed the most. I'm not so much into the newer material (Ghosts is an exception).

Tracklist if you're interested :

Letting You
March of the Pigs
Head Down
The Frail
The Wretched
Gave Up

The Warning
21 Ghosts III
28 Ghosts III
19 Ghosts III

The Greater Good
Terrible Lie

The Big Come Down
31 Ghosts IV

The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole

The Good Soldier
Band Intro Speech
God Given
In This Twilight

5th-Dec-2008 02:22 pm - Holiday spirit NIN style!
Just in time for the holidays comes Nine Inch Noels!

If you're anything like me, you'll be annoyed that this is too long to make into a ringtone, yet love it anyway.
5th-Dec-2008 12:48 am - LITS Over North America Fan DVD
I will make you suffer
For those of you who don't know, NIN has announced that there isn't going to be an official DVD for this tour (we're still hoping to be surprised). In response, members from the echoingthesound.org and nin.com forums are organizing a fan made DVD. If you are at all interested in helping, please head over to The ETS Thread. We could use all the help we can get!

You can also help by Digging This!
Last fm recently compiled the best (or most played) artists, albums and tracks of the year 2008.

Ghosts I-IV came fourth!!


The tracks are dominated by coldplay's new album, they really should just put the most played track by a single artist/album in my opinion.

...ironically coincidentally portishead's album "third" came third
3rd-Dec-2008 02:17 am - 'Survivor' score?
the fragile
I was browsing Chuck Palahniuk’s website and I found this little gem:

Chuck Palahniuk’s second novel Survivor has long since been sitting in the halls of movie production limbo. Soon after Fight Club became a runaway cult hit, talk began of turning Survivor into a movie with such talent mentioned as Jerry Bruckheimer producing; starring names such as Jim Carrey, Kevin Spacey, and Madonna; even Trent Reznor of NIN tossed his hat into the circle and offered to score the entire film.

Am I late or is this untrue? Why haven't I heard of this before?!
1st-Dec-2008 09:18 pm - tour shirts
red and black
is there anyway to purchase a shirt from the current tour? i've checked ebay, but it's all from previous legs, and i'm looking for one with the current cities printed on the back. it's for a gift, so the sooner the better.

1st-Dec-2008 10:26 am - Public Radio Likes Ghosts
So after a long gap in listening today I've tuned into NPR's Morning Edition via Santa Monica's KCRW Web stream. So I don't know if it's the Morning Edition producers or KCRW people who are playing pieces from Ghosts but it is happening. NPR does select a lot of its own interstitial music and it's often good though usually some what more indie and obscure to me.

Oh wait... surfed over to NPR and found yep, they decided to play some Ghosts. }:>

I'm used to samples that could have been lifted from my music collection on Marketplace, such as Bjork and Radiohead. And KCRW is widely regarded as leading the forefront of a lot of pop and rock (I'm not sure how to categorize the interests of Nic Harcourt, Jason Bentley, Anne Litt, Tom Schnabel, etc).

Anyway, glad I tuned into the news today. A very nice antidote to the schmaltz of Christmas tunes playing at the grocery store.
19th-Nov-2008 04:16 pm - Rare unreleased NIN song Angel.
Poll #1300420 another depressing quiz


An early Nine Inch Nails demo
Completely unreleated to Nine Inch Nails
Never studio recorded, but played live a few times between 1988-1992
An Option 30 song

63% of people got the last quiz wrong, let's see how this one goes.
Like last time, I'll edit the answer in here tomorrow

edit on the 25th: sorry, forgot all about this!
Angel is by a band called "vinyl sun", and has nothing to do with Trent.
16th-Nov-2008 08:36 am - Is Ghosts free?
Just curious what the majority of people believe.

How much of Ghosts is legally free?

None of it!
Just Ghosts I (the first 9 tracks)
All of it!

edit: the question is what it is, never make assumptions.

I'm really surprised at all the wrong answers!
I imagine there's a little confusion over the question.
the answerCollapse )

What is Trent Reznor's favourite month of the year?

The answer will be revealed in 24(ish) hours.
Feel free to discuss and speculate in the comments.

edit: http://nin.nympholept.com/Trent%20Reznor%27s%20favourite%20month.mp3
13th-Nov-2008 10:07 pm - my live NIN collection
I updated my live NIN collection lists today.

video: 173 shows - 143 unique dates - 110 DVD, 63 other
audio: 619 shows - 353 unique dates - 370 FLAC, 249 other (i have a lot of duplicates right now)

and there's a more coming in the mail - when will it end?!

I know not many people here collect live NIN, but there are even less people on my own friends-list who care ;)

Live NIN recordings?

NIN sucks live
I just don't see the point in listening to live recordings
I would collect them, but $$
I'm only interested in shows i attended
I download, but i don't trade
I collect all live NIN

edit: i made this poll while falling asleep, and forgot the "you're insane nympholept!" option

kyjl, tatertotpixie, vladthrash, ely_24, clairabel and anyone else choosing the "collect all" option should feel free to leave a comment if you'd like to trade.
Remember when Trent was upset that only 1 in 5 people paid for Niggy Tardust? And then Saul Williams said, calm down let's wait a while and see how it does? Well, wired.com did just that and interviewed Saul to see how he feels about how things went.
link here

full-textCollapse )

There's not a huge amount that's directly NIN-related (which is why I didn't post to nin_news), although Saul does say that Trent approached him about making a sequel to Niggy Tardust, which is interesting!
As you will notice, the [info]ninnuendo rename went ahead and you're now all members of nine_inch_nails
It's always going to be [info]ninnuendo in our hearts, and I've just changed the community name to "ninnuendo" so it will still appear in searches and whatever.

One reason for the rename was because [info]ninnuendo has never been as active as the old nine_inch_nails community
Another is that [info]ninnuendo just doesn't stand out like nine_inch_nails does - something people probably misread it as "nintendo" or something.
And the big reason is that [info]ninnuendo was only created to fill the void after the old nine_inch_nails community was deleted.
Why was it deleted? We still don't know. Feel free to ask the owner: kiss, loveless (I'm sick of people asking me!)

I'd like to remind everyone that we do have a couple of few rules, the most often broken is "use a sensible post title".
You can basically post whatever you want here, so long as the subject line summarizes the post nicely.

Originally we tried out an idea of having a dedicated "ask a question" post, but that's just difficult to maintain - so question posts are welcome, along with basically everything else.
Posts about tour experiences+photos are strongly encouraged, and we don't care if there's 5 posts about the same show, if you have something to share, say it!

nine_inch_nails is not a meta-community - do not just post links.
If you want to post an article, include the full text, plus link to the source.
If you have posted a concert review in your journal, copy/paste it here, and link back to your journal.

The only forbidden topics i can think of, off the top of my head, are:
  • Trent's non-public/personal information (family, addresses, aliases)
  • ebay posts (tickets at cost are fine)
  • and, of course, news posts.
    If you have news, that's what nin_news is for. The majority of you are nin_news members, most of you were members there before you were members here. Did I mention that it's now the largest NIN community on LJ?

But we'll probably be getting an influx of new people, so here's the join link again: join nin_news

As i may have mentioned in a previous post, if you'd like to make/submit a community userpic, feel free.

Oh, and for anyone who prefers the old username, you can use this HTML to display the old lj-user link:
<span style='white-space: nowrap;'><a href='http://ninnuendo.livejournal.com/profile'><img src='http://p-stat.livejournal.com/img/community.gif' alt='[info]' width='16' height='16' style='vertical-align: bottom; border: 0; padding-right: 1px;' /></a> <a href='http://ninnuendo.livejournal.com/'><b>ninnuendo</b></a></span>

(that's mostly for: 10223906, 6inchesofbrian, a_muse_d, distantsamantha, erm_the_ghost, gidget_ca, lilikoi_love, mermalade86, rosariotijeras, sweetchild85, the_audition, voodoo_vibe)
10th-Nov-2008 07:57 am - reptile + peter murphy, again
what the fuck? peter murphy was there again in worcester!
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