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Nine Inch Nails - NINnuendo

General Nine Inch Nails discussion (no news)

NINuendo - Gen, Misc, Alt, Etc
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General Nine Inch Nails Community.
 Nine Inch Nails General Happy Fun Time 
This community is for random Nine Inch Nails posting.
For news and information updates, please (join) our sister community, nin_news (The Largest NIN community on livejournal.)
 Rules (link) 
  • Keep your posts related to Nine Inch Nails.
  • No news here please, only olds. If you have news, post it to nin_news.
  • When posting videos and links, please include a description, not everyone has time to work out what it is. Where possible, please post original downloadable content instead of youtube crap.
  • When posting articles/interviews/anything, please include the full text and link to the source, do not just post a link.
  • No ebay spamming, no explicit community spamming (relevant crossposting is fine)
  • Please use a sensible Post Title so it's easier to locate here on the calendar
  • If you made a remix, post it on the official NIN remixes website, before posting them here for people to hear.

  • Icons and art are more suited to nineinchicons and ninart.
  • If you're looking for pics of Trent, reznor_daily is tailored specifically for you.
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 FAQ (link)(by bmoloney
  • Q: Where can i get "Non-Entity and "Not So Pretty Now"?
    A: Either here or here - edit: here!
  • Q: Have the above 2 songs been recorded in studio?
    A: No, but Non-Entity can be found performed live on the Beside You In Time DVD edit: Yes. here!
  • Q: DVDs of Closure and The Broken Movie?
    A: http://thepiratebay.org/user/seed0
  • Q: Where can I get old interviews?
    A: the nin hotline
  • Q: How can I find "insert song here"?
    A: soulseek is probably the best program to use
  • Q: I have a really rare song, can I post it?
    A: If you're sure that it is actually rare, go right ahead!
  • Q: Are "Message To No-One" and "The Life You Didn't Lead" from the WT PDF actual songs?
    A: No.
  • Q: Are there Easter Eggs on the AATCHB DVD?
    A: They can be found here
  • Q: Are there Easter Eggs on the BYIT DVD?
    A: No, a hidden ARG website in the liner for both Hi-Def versions, but that is all.
  • Q: Where can I buy merchandise?
    A: here or here or here
  • Q: I have another question...
    A: Go here and here and if you can't find the answer, ask here
  • Q: I would like to add a frequently asked question, how?
    A: Input is welcome here